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Big Warm Kitten (NEW)

Big Warm Kitten (NEW)
Large Kitten (Black)Large Kitten and Little Buddy Kitten (sold separately) (Black)
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Big Warm Kittens
Big soft life like stuffed kitty cat with removable rice filled therapeutic microwavable and freezable heating & cooling hot pack is great children’s gift. Big cats are experts… at creating big smiles!  Snuggling with real kitty cats all night long can be fun, comforting to hug and a great way to stay warm. But taking real kittens to sleep in your bed isn’t always practical, especially if you or your children have allergies. 
This fluffy black kitten stuffed animal toy is a funny and cute way to put adorable, big smiles on the faces of your kids.  After all, who doesn’t love the idea of having fluffy fat kittens to hug while you sleep through the night?
Big Cute Kittens and Cats Can Keep You Warm
The Big Warm Kitten isn’t just snuggly.  This big plush kitty cat toy takes the idea of a kitten stuffed animal to a whole new level.  Thanks to the removable inner non-allergenic grain pack hidden inside of these fluffy kittens, it is possible to help your little one get to sleep faster and stay warm or cool all night long.  Unlike heating pads and their safety issues, our completely safe heat/cool inserts stay warm a long time, much longer than a water bottle, for example.
Details on our Stuffed Toy Kittens
These cute big kittens provide life size comfort throughout the night and are sure to offer many wide smiles and funny laughs.  With soft fluffy fur, a cute pink nose, sparkling eyes, whiskers and adorable face our Big Warm Kitten is sure to delight young and old.  Also parents love the fact that our stuffed fat kitty cats are completely washable so they can stay clean.  Just take out the heat pack and throw the outer cat in the washing machines' gentle cycle to sanitize, especially after illness.  In the event that a heat/cool pack becomes damaged, it is easily replaced.
You will be happy knowing that your kids have adorable fluffy cats with them while they sleep that won't wake them.  Before you know it, you’ll find that these life size plush kittens soon become among the most popular members of your family!  

Features: 17" in length with removeable microwave heat pack or freezer cooled cold pack.

Dimensions Benefits
Dimensions: 17" long (from nose to paw) x 7" diameter (more to snuggle with)
Inner Heat Pack size: 5"x 7" Heats in microwave for 1-2 minutes. Chill for 1 hour in freezer

Size: 18" x 7"
Dimensions Benefits
Dimensions: 18" long (from nose to paw) x 7" diameter (more to snuggle with)
Inner Heat Pack size: 5"x 7" Heats in microwave for 1-2 minutes. Chill for 1 hour in freezer
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