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Small Warm Buddy Stuffed Animals

Help your baby feel safe, secure & get to sleep super fast with unique cute stuffed plush animals that warm up in the microwave to provide fun and heating pad comfort to your children. Here we offer plush microwavable toys in smaller sizes that are cheaper yet made with the best quality by Warm Buddy.

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When you have a baby or small kids, sleep time is not always fun time. Bedtime is no small challenge to the new Mom and Dad and their new baby and finding a cheap solution is key. Getting kids to sleep quickly and consistently is important not just to the parents, who also need rest and relaxation, but it is extremely important to your child's growth, happiness and security. When a baby or child has a consistent unique little routine in their sleep ritual, they will get to sleep more quickly and feel safe. Sometimes routines get messed up though. You need a fall back sleep aid, like a small warm unique stuffed animal toy, that is familiar and makes your child feel safe every time they are put to sleep in their bed or away from home. This fun cheap little toy stuffed animal becomes the sleep trigger that tells them, no matter what the time or place, it's time to sleep. Then because your baby or small kids have their stuffed animal as a sleep cue, they will be able to sleep just as easily with their cute little plush animal toy in their arms whether they're at home or at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Small cute plush stuffed animals make the best all natural sleeping aids for your children because they are little and easy to keep with your child and they are fun for kids to play with and hold on to because they're small. Little plush stuffed animals are the best when they have a heating pad inside that uniquely and quickly warms up in a microwave to provide a Mom-like warmth and feeling of safety. These unique warming toy stuffed animals are a safe cheap children's security blanket-type solution and are essential to keeping the whole family happy and healthy by minimizing sleep interruptions for everyone. Especially important to a new Mom is having this cute little stuffed animal toy cue that works when its bedtime. Babies and all sizes of children love to feel the warmth of their mother's embrace and often cry when Mom or Dad lays them down to sleep at night. Babies especially cry when they are placed in a cold crib and can no longer feel their mother's warmth. That's why the best effective sleep aid for your children is a small plush warm up microwavable stuffed animal toy that, when heated quickly in the microwave will provide long lasting warmth to quickly encourage your child to drift off to sleep wherever they are.

Warmth, security and fun go hand in hand when it comes to babies and small kids. Likewise, when your baby or child travels, whether it be in a car running errands with Mom or taking a plane or train ride they want to feel warm and secure when in that seat away from the sight and warm comforting touch that brings security from their mother or father. These are perfect occasions to keep your kids' little unique plush cute familiar warm stuffed animal with them that they can hug, have fun playing with and just hold on to for security when they travel. Your child will be more content and happy, less stressed or fussy, when they have their favorite small plush stuffed fun animal toy in their grasp.

Here we offer a variety of plush mini non-warming stuffed animals and unique small warm up stuffed animals made with the best quality by Warm Buddy in Canada. These are cheaper and smaller in size for little hands and arms and are cute, fun and safe for your child. In addition, they have the best quality design which includes a removable rice-filled heating pad that can be quickly microwave heated to provide 20 minutes or more of gentle warmth for your baby or small child -- just the right amount of time needed to get kids to sleep quickly, whether they're at home in their crib or on the road in their car seat. Small stuffed animal warm up toys also make unique gifts and are available here for quick gift shipment to you or directly to your loved one's newborn baby, for a child's birthday, for Christmas, Easter or any occasion. We also offer attractive gift wrapping and a personalized message card options in addition to last minute speedy 2-Day shipping.
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