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Teddy Bears by Warm Buddy

Give the gift of love & warmth with a big hug from a cute microwaveable stuffed teddy bear on Father's Day, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Weddings, to express a thank you, get well, or birthday wish, to let someone know you are missing them, or to give hope & comfort to a child battling cancer. Plush panda & teddy bears keep everyone smiling & happy especially when they are heated. Beautiful collectible shower & decorating ideas, found here in small to giant sizes at from Warm Buddy.

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Warmth, comfort and security. These are all feelings that you want your child have. Whether they are falling asleep at night, cuddling up to watch TV or dealing with stressful family times, whatever the situation may be studies have shown that the companionship of a teddy bear creates those feelings, helps relieve stress and brings calm on hectic days. Children’s relationships with teddy bears are just as meaningful to children as almost any other relationship that they have. This is why a cute, plush teddy bear is so essential for your baby or child.

Heat has also been proven to help create feelings of comfort and security. That is why heat therapy is so commonly used today to relieve stress. Putting a heat pack into a plush stuffed teddy bear combines the companionship of teddy bears with the soothing effects of heat therapy. This creates a teddy bear that is super snugly, more therapeutic and overall just better than regular stuffed teddy bears.

At Snuggables.net, we offer a cute selection of plush stuffed teddy bears all with heat packs inside, from miniature to big sizes in a variety of colors perfect for your baby, toddler or going away college student. All of our plush stuffed teddy bears are made from the finest, softest, hypoallergenic materials, are made to last and even be handed down to the next generation. Having extra teddy bears on hand comes in handy for last minute gifts and other occasions as well. If you have any questions please let us know and enjoy browsing our cute plush stuffed teddy bears and finding the perfect new friend for your baby or child. Make sure to also check out our Teddy Bear themed play mat rug, slippers, mittens and even a heatable neck pillow perfect for the teddy bear collector.